Thursday, July 10, 2008

Angela Keslar's Rosettes

Yesterday I spent a large portion of my day watching Project Runway reruns. Though these were from Season 1, where I fell in love with all of Kara Saun's designs, I started thinking back to a couple of the old designers. As you may remember, my own style incorporates a lot of girly details, including fabric flowers. So, it seemed appropriate that Angela Keslar, a designer from the 3rd season of Project Runway, came to my mind. She was one of the more "eccentric" designers, and her trademark was a fabric rosette.

While I was browsing the Shopbop sale later that day, I came upon this necklace and pair of earrings, which look scarily like Angela's rosettes. They're from Malababa; the necklace is on sale for $47.50 and the earrings are on sale for $32.50.

Which led me to wonder...maybe Angela was onto something with her rosette idea? She may have been a little bit different from the other designers, but maybe the simple sewing up of fabric wasn't such a bad idea. I'm still unsure, though it seems like fabric flowers is a bit of a mainstream idea and it's a trend now just because of the desire to make your clothes different and slightly kitschy. In addition, I personally am not a huge fan of her specific rosettes, namely the type of rosettes made by taking a circle of fabric and sewing it all up in the center. This may sound prissy but I prefer more refined rosettes, even if my overall look is supposed to be kitschy.

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