Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Basically, Bobbi

Bobbi Brown's always been known for really high quality makeup basics. Sure, she may not have that crazy green eyeshadow that you've always secretly wanted to wear out with your girlfriends one night, but her makeup can go from nightclubs to country clubs without looks a tiny bit out of place.

Two products, which I encountered on http://discount.makeup.com, were a pretty pleasant surprise, just because I didn't expect them to be on sale. Usually, that makeup site stocks things in really unpopular colours. Not necessarily bad, but definitely not commonly used colours. This presents a problem in the world of B. Brown, because pretty much everything she makes is "commonly used." So you can imagine my surprise when I found two items that I know and love, the Cream Shadow Stick and the Cream Blush Stick, both at pretty good prices.

The Cream Shadow Stick is probably the less desirable item out of these two, because it only comes in two shades...and they're both really, really light. Iced Pink is a light peachy-pink, and Iced Ivory is just a plain off-white. This product makes a nice base for eyeshadow, and the stick form makes it really quick to apply. I also quickly dab it in the inner corner of my eye for an instant, non-caffeinated wakeup. It's $15.oo (originally $2o.oo), which is a pretty good deal, but if you don't really need any sort of light shadow colour or eyeshadow base, give this one a miss.

On the other hand, you should definitely not give the Cream Blush Stick a miss. These little sticks are genius...maybe not utterly original or different, but definitely worth your while. It's really easy to apply the blush, because you can just dab the stick directly on your cheek and rub it around a bit. The colour isn't too opaque and it isn't too pigmented, which is nice for when you want different intensities. And it isn't so goopy that you have to worry about your hair getting stuck in your cheeks. If you want something a little shimmery, you might have to dab a little bit of shimmery eyeshadow over the blush, because it's pretty much matte (as one would expect from basics-based-Bobbi). Just to warn you, you should probably check out the colour swatches on the Bobbi Brown website before purchasing one of these off of the discount makeup website, because some of their colour swatches are a little bit off. Some of them are discontinued though, so it might be hard to find those. I would personally go for either Sand Pink or Coral, depending on how dark your skintone is and whether you want a pink vs. a peach cheek tint. Both are equally versatile and wearable though, so really, it's up to you to pick whichever Bobbi makes you happy!

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