Saturday, July 5, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot...Pair of Flats

So I was browsing the J. Crew online sale (which, by the way, is incredibly messed up web-wise) and I found this pair of flats that epitomizes all that is cute and lovely and pretty.

Okay, so they aren't Christian Dior or Valentino. But I mean, come on. Bright colour? Perfect for the weather. Polka dots? Love. J. Crew sale? Love even more. Ballet flats? Is that...even a question? LOVE! If I'm buying an expensive pair of flats I either want it to be a super-basic pair of, say, patent black flats, or, a statement pair of flats that still manages to be wearable. Though yellow might not seem like an optimal colour, it's surprisingly wearable in terms of shoes. Anyway, this lovely pair of ballet flats and my determination in conquering the J. Crew sale section inspired me to do a post about the wonders of yellow.

A coat is always a great way to add a pop of colour, and this yellow and white striped number is no exception. It has three-quarter sleeves, which makes it more spring-and-fall appropriate, and there's no fuss as to the shape of the jacket. It's on sale for $119.99.

If you don't want to go all the way with your yellow and white stripes, you could give this cardigan a try. This could go with some other coloured pieces if you wanted to stand out, or it could be paired with a simple pair of denims for a casual day. I love the rosette detail, because it keeps this cardigan girly without detracting from the striped print. It's on sale for $79.99 at J. Crew.

If you guys also loved the pair of yellow flats I posted about at the beginning but your wallet's in need of some recuperation because of all the sales, try these lower-priced yellow flats to adorn your feet. The first pair is from Urban Outfitters for $38.00. It's not on sale, so it's really huge that I'm actually blogging about it, but I adore the scalloped detail and the shade of yellow. Plus, these flats are very light, so they're perfect for walking around on a breezy, sunny, summer day. The second pair is on sale at Charlotte Russe for $9.50. I would rather own a pair of the two flats I posted about before, but again, if your wallet can't really take that much pressure right now (I know mine wouldn't be so welcome), then this is a great way to put some yellow into your wardrobe. The ruffle detail is a nice alternative to the traditional bow, and it adds a nice girly touch to these flats.

By now you guys must be thinking...okay, so this girl keeps going on about yellow flats, but what on earth do you wear them with! The answer? Everything. Well, almost. I find that my neutral-filled wardrobe is pretty welcome to coloured flats. But yellow really does go with a lot of things. I might wear a new pair of yellow flats with this striped J. Crew jacket (on sale for $99.99) and some dark wash jeans, for a European-inspired look.

If I wanted to be more summery about it, I would pair yellow flats with a nice blue dress. Any shade of blue works, whether it's almost-black navy or bright cobalt. These three dresses (the first one is $49.99 and the last two are $59.99) would be great with any of the yellow flats I posted about earlier.

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