Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MoMA Mia, Here I Go Again...

I had the pleasure of seeing Mamma Mia this weekend...and I have to say, I loved it. I mouthed along with almost all of the songs, and even sang quietly along to some of the best ones (Dancing Queen, anybody?) with my friend who was sitting next to me. However, if you have no idea what the storyline is and don't know any of the songs, I definitely wouldn't recommend it. It's kind of overly corny and the theatric effects are kind of tacky, but for those who love the musical's songs, I would give this movie a go. Oh, and if you're planning on watching it...be sure to stay until the credits. There's a pretty...um...surprising clip. I won't give it away, but let's just say that it involves the lead cast and lots of glittery tight clothing...yes, including Pierce, Colin, and...um...the blonde guy.

A little birdie told me (well, actually, my trip to RetailMeNot.com showed me) that there was a sale going on at the MoMA store. Though I usually don't buy things from them, museum gift shops have always been a favourite place of mine. I love the fake "age-old" maps, souvenirs, cool little gadgets that have no real purpose in life, and varying postcards that cost way more than they should. So it was only natural that I perused over the findings at the MoMA store. They weren't exactly amazing, but I'd probably appreciate the items there more if I was, say, decorating a new house with a lot of modern furnishings. Their home accessories and office accessories are really sleek and modern, but they always have a little something strange about them that makes you take a second glance. I found two items that I would love to own: first, this strange little piggy bank that for some reason calls to me...I think it would make a great desk accessory, and the design is pretty genius.

There's also this little notebook with van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting on it. Here in Chicago, I suppose I could just meander over to the Art Institute's gift shop (a favourite of mine) and grab a notebook like this there, but it's actually marked down to a pretty good price -- good enough that I could order two or three and use them for school, once it starts.

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