Thursday, July 10, 2008

Etsy Finds No. 4: AlwaysAmy

I'm almost done with my Etsy finds...I think there are only two or so more to go. Maybe later I'll do a series on something besides cute stud earrings, but for now here are a few more from seller AlwaysAmy. Most of AlwaysAmy's earrings are cute little plastic kitschy earrings, similar to veryvintage except plastic instead of metal. I loved that she was part of the "Kitschy Cute Stud Club" listing, and I'm kind of curious as to how I could check that out. It says on the advertisement that it's a great way to get a lot of cute earrings at a low price, so I'll report back to you guys when I figure out how that works. Anyway, here are four lovely picks from AlwaysAmy's well-stocked shop. My two favourites are the red bows and the red telephone earrings.

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Always Amy said...

The Kitschy Cute Stud Club is my listing for purchasing a 'club membership' & thus getting several pairs of stud earrings, at a discounted rate plus loads of awesome freebies! :)