Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fierce Tassels

"Girl, you look fierce!" is a trademark exclamation of the beloved model-turned-future-Oprah Tyra Banks. Funnily enough, I often find myself with a mix of astonishment and horror on my face when I witness the looks that dear Tyra has given her seal of approval. Perhaps it's the contrast of styles...T. Banks is all about smiling with her eyes while rocking some ridiculously, well, fierce looks, while I'm all about small smiles while looking down at the ground, clad in pretty neutral and basic outfits with a little smattering of sugar and spice.

So today, I tried to venture into some Tyra territory and smile with my bargain-clothes-hunting eyes as I scoped out my options for an outfit where bargain basement meets Top Model. I suppose I sort of cheated with the $40 black studded gladiators, but they're just so...fierce.

What do you think? I'm pretty surprised, I kind of want this entire outfit now...not to sound arrogant or anything.

Outfit pieces: tank (7.90), skirt ($30.00), shoes ($39.99), necklace ($17.99).

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