Tuesday, July 29, 2008

...My My, How Can I Resist You?

So that van Gogh notebook got me thinking about Starry Night, and the beautiful colour combinations of the painting. I'm no artist, and my knowledge of colour palettes is limited to that little wheel I see at Blick and Office Depot that automatically matches colours for you. But even with my limited art knowledge, I can still appreciate the gorgeous tones of the painting.

Because my expression comes more from fashion than from a paintbrush, here's my own, Shopbop-induced 5-minute van Gogh.

Individual pieces (all from Shopbop sale):

Vivianne Dress, Dessous by Sophie Simmons

Flower Ruffle Dress, Moschino Cheap and Chic

Side Button Dress, Mint Jodi Arnold

Melissa Open Toe Slingback Pump, Modern Vintage Shoes

Celesta Satin Flat, Maloles

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