Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Etsy Finds No. 3: veryvintage

Just hearing the name "veryvintage" signals a great Etsy store, but once you surf through this shop you can be assured that it's just as good as it sounds. What I liked about this store is that its selection of stud earrings was right at the line between kitschy and subtle. I love a little bit of kitsch, but I don't like the idea of wearing, say, huge plastic strawberries on my ears. What veryvintage does is essentially shrinks typical overly kitschy earrings. So, instead of having huge plastic strawberries that look like they once belonged to a two-year-old's toy fruit collection, there are tiny plastic strawberry studs that add a perfect touch of kitsch to any outfit. To make things even better, each pair of earrings is gift packaged and only costs around $4.00.

Veryvintage also sells these great flower hairpins. What a lot of Etsy sellers do is that they sell the same charm in both earring form and hairpin form. So, if you've been browsing my earring posts and decide that you think the earrings would make great hairpins, be sure to check out the store. Somehow the charms appeal more to me when they're in earring form rather than hairpin form, but these hairpins are fabulous. They can be worn in either boho chic or Blair Waldorf style, depending on whether your hair's in loose waves or a tight bun with braids. Either way, they're adorable and only $5.25.

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