Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summery Pastels

Though pastel colours may be associated more with Spring than they are with Summer, here in Chicago we didn't really have much of the former. There's no need to put those pastel frocks to rest, especially for a fancy Summer event. I myself have a wedding to attend, and though it's a formal event I think that I would rather stick with a lighter colour, just because it feels more appropriate for the warmer weather. In honor of that, I scoped out three lovely dresses from Saks, each in a light pastel colour.

This first dress is part of the slew of BCBG cocktail dresses that was put out suspiciously around prom time. Many of them were worn by girls at my school, but not this one. I'm actually pretty surprised...the sweetheart neckline and A-line skirt are pretty universally flattering, and the sea foam green colour is gorgeous. If you're as into this dress as I am, you can get it for $204.00.

This second dress has a little bit of a molting look going for it. Thankfully, the layers of thin fabric aren't overpowering enough to look like you're actually losing your (bright blue) skin. Instead, they offer light, delicate detailing on the skirt that is offset by a tightly fitting bright blue bodice. Again, the sweetheart neckline is quite flattering, as is the knee-length hemline. Get it for $140.00, if you're a size 6.

This last dress is very girly and sweet, and the slightly shorter hemline makes it better for the younger ones among us. Instead of a sweetheart neckline, this dress has a straight-cut neckline, so getting a good bra is a little bit easier. Plus, the bow adds an interesting detail that just borders the line between "unique" and "over the top." It's also the cheapest dress out of all three, at only $87.98.

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