Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sassy Serena

While lamenting the loss of my beloved J. Crew (it's experiencing a temporary Internet meltdown), I decided to scour the Nordstrom sales for some picks that satisfy the other spectrum of Gossip Girl lovelies, Serena van der Woodsen. As I said before, it's often difficult to pick up style tips from a 5'10" girl with the skinniest legs ever. I'm not going to go into whether one of the two ladies is "prettier" than the other, first of all because I don't appreciate judging like that and second of all because they're both so gorgeous I wouldn't be able to pick. So, for those of you that are more into Serena's laid-back, boho style (with lots of gam-showing), here are some things you should check out at the Nordstrom sales.

This black tunic with snaps up the sides is something that you could wear either without bottoms or with bottoms, but if you wanted to go full-on Serena it would probably be without bottoms. I love this piece because it's detailed without being too much, and it's on sale for $54.90.

This black sequined number from LaROK is another example of a classic black piece with a little bit of "Serena" injected into it with the silver sequin detailing. To me, the detailing in the front almost resembles a sequined vest thrown over a black dress, which sounds like something right up funky Serena's alley. If you're interested, it's on sale for $97.90.

This taupe jersey dress definitely has the "leg-showing" criteria filled, but I like how it's not particularly revealing on top, so you're not showing too much. Plus, the neutral colour is a perfect canvas for some accessories of your own, be they Serena-inspired or just you-inspired. It's on sale for $105.90.

This cream shirtdress with sequin detailing seems like something that our party girl Serena would wear to one of her more hip, young soirées. Again, the shift style that's pretty roomy on top is great for balancing out a very leg-displaying's also great for hiding a little bit of extra tummy. The dress is from French Connection, on sale for $109.90.

This black dress with a vest is kind of like the daytime version of the black LaROK sequined dress. The simple vest detailing adds a bit of boho while still remaining crisp, and again is a great palette to show off some standout accessories. You could go all-out Serena with a black studded bag, along the lines of her trusty Burberry "Warrior" bag, or you could just spice it up with some neons and chunky necklaces. Personally, I'd go for a pretty silk scarf and some fancy flats to girlie it up. The dress is on sale for $128.90 from Charlotte Ronson.

This yellow BCBG dress reminds me of Serena's lovely pale yellow ruffled dress in the wedding, though it doesn't quite carry the same designer tag. After looking at the dress on the model, I think it's safe to say that the style is quite difficult to carry off. This cocktail, modified version is much more wearable, and is a lovely departure from the usual spaghetti-strap or halter-neck evening dresses. Plus, it's from BCBG and it's only $159.90.

One thing I love about this orange flower-adorned dress from 3.1 Phillip Lim is that it's not any sort of imitation of Gossip Girl style, it's something that Serena herself may have worn. Yes, orange isn't a common colour in her wardrobe, but the easy, breezy style of this sheer silk dress is almost definitely something she would wear. And, of course, it has the requisite hiked-up hem. Thankfully, for those of us who don't have infinite amounts of budget money to spend on designer-filled wardrobes, this piece of Phillip is only $189.00.

Finally, this yellow number from Diane von Furstenburg is a lovely, long dress that is made for the lovely, long ladies out there. I'm all for wearing what makes you happy, but being 5'2" myself, I know that calf-length dresses like this usually drown my petite frame out. But on a tall and skinny girl like Serena, curves aren't even necessary to pull off this beautiful summery dress. If you're interested, it's only $206.90...which isn't bad for DVF.

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