Monday, July 7, 2008

Etsy Finds No. 1: dangsworld

I was surfing Etsy today for some new additions to my jewelry collection and I thought I would post some nice little finds for you guys in a series. This time around, I was browsing for some new earrings, so these sellers will mostly feature earrings that I really liked, but there were some additional pieces I found along the way that are quite cute as well. You might notice that I haven't really posted any sort of dangly earrings, and that's partially because of my style and partially because I think they're more worth the money. When I was younger, I went through a phase where I would buy lots of jewelry kits and make my own earrings. They were generally of the dangly type, with a "hook" looking thing on the top that you put through the earring hole. Since then, I have adopted a more minimalist style in terms of jewelry, probably to offset the crazy creations I sported as a child. Having said that, my experience in jewelry making has taught me how easy it is to simply thread a charm onto one of the hooks and make a pair of earrings. Studs, on the other hand, were much harder to make. Technically all you had to do was glue it, but that had to be pretty precise otherwise glue would ooze out all over the place. So, generally, I stay away from dangly earrings just because I could easily pass by a craft store, grab some cute charms, and hook them onto earring hooks. My apologies if you aren't a big fan of stud earrings, but they're mainly what's going to be featured in this post.

Anyway, you're probably rolling your eyes back in your head...that is, even if you finished reading all of that. But I'll get onto the jewelry. The first "find" isn't quite so secretive just because it's hard to miss this lovely seller if you're browsing jewelry. Dangsworld has always caught my eye whenever I'm shopping around Etsy, and I could go on and on about the delicate yet girly quality of the earrings available, but I think that I'll just let the lovely pieces speak for themselves (lovely pieces which, by the way, are between 5 and 9 dollars). Keep in mind that I actually had trouble picking these out just because there were so many pieces to choose from!

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