Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scholarly Style

I've always found it hard to inject your own personal style into school-related accessories without seeming overly pretentious; somehow, toting around my books and laptop in a bag emblazoned with the Coach logo doesn't quite give off the vibe I'm looking for. At the same time, I don't want to put my school outfits to shame by accessorizing them poorly. Personally, I bring around a simple black Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote. This bag is unbelievably roomy, though it may not seem so at first. And yes, everyone has one...but I don't care. I love this bag to death and hope it lasts a very, very long time.

Of course, to stay on top of all of the appointments, due dates, and assignments, a girl needs a cute little planner. Since it's summer, I have three months to ponder whether I want to get a cute planner from some office supply store, or splurge on a kate spade one. One side of my head is telling me that it's just a planner, but the other knows that I'll probably be using a planner for the rest of my life and so a kate spade planner would not only be unbelievably cute but also very useful in the long term. I'm also torn between a normal planner (top) and a fold-out calendar contraption (bottom):

Something that girls like to do at my school is have fun with their pencil cases. Lesportsac has taken over the pencil case market in a big way, even though most of their products are intended to be cosmetics cases or odds-and-ends zipper pouches. Almost everyone who puts thought into what pencil case they have buys a Lesportsac one, similar to this:

I had a Lesportsac of my own at one point, gifted to my by a friend whose love of all things Lesportsac was insurmountable. I'm actually a big fan of Lesportsac, because it offers a good item that you know everyone loves, but still allows you to individualize by offering a seemingly endless array of prints. But I recently retired my navy Lesportsac (figures) for this lovely little Kate Spade cosmetic case:

Although you can't see it in the picture, this case has an adorable black polka dot lining, which is just the cherry on top for me, as I love this little bag even just from the outside. I was able to snag it for $30 on sale at Kate Spade, which is a little bit more than your typical Lesportsac, but in my opinion...completely worth it. You can still grab your own, but I don't know how much longer these will be in stock.

Actually, going back to that Lesportsac thing, I've since grown out of the idea of Lesportsac bags being used as anything but cosmetics cases/pencil cases/odds-and-ends pouches/etc. but I came upon this little grey cutie in the Lesportsac Boutique section for just over $100. Now, I have never seen this bag in person and so the gathering and tying detail could be hideously plastic-looking, but at least from my computer screen this is actually kind of...cute?

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