Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sales at Saks

Here are two dresses that I found while perusing the amazing sales at Saks Fifth Avenue. There are many, many more styles to choose from but these are some of the few dresses that are available in a moderate array of sizes. It's worth a look if you're on the hunt for a good bargain, but I went through quite a lengthy process that involved me clicking repeatedly on what seemed to be cute dresses...only to find that they were in a size quite far from mine.

This first dress is a tiered black number that might be more suited to the younger of you out there. What I like about it is its flexibility; team it with a cute cardigan and flats and it's a girly, sweet daytime-appropriate outfit, or strap on some black heels like the ones I posted about before, and you've got a pretty little evening dress that hides any sort of tummy bulges. Plus, it's only $83.98.
This next number is a little bit more expensive; it's $131.33. But I love the colour, belt detail, and interesting pleating. Plus, it's perfect for summer dates and the colour allows you to use a basic black shoe or a light strappy sandal, like the model is wearing.

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