Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lippie Loves

If you guys haven't checked out the sale at Bath and Body Works, I'd suggest you do ASAP. They've got this amazing sale on their usual products (and I'm a devoted follower of their body spray), as well as some new makeup sales. For those of you looking for a summer treat for your lips, I would definitely check out their $5 Lip Favourites section, especially their collection of C. O. Bigelow Mentha goodies. For the fruit lovers out there, there are all of the fruity Mentha Lip Shines (lemon, orange, lime, and raspberry). Personally, I'd give these a pass even though their packaging is adorable, just because I wasn't a huge fan of the mint + fruit combo here.

My first lip pick from this sale would be the Ultra Mentha lip shine, because it's just pure minty tingly goodness. It's kind of like a lip plumper, except it's actually made with the intention of having that lovely tingly feeling. I like that it makes your lips feel fresher, especially in hot summer weather.

My second lip pick would be the Magenta Mint Mentha Lip Tint. The colour might seem a little extreme on the container, but I've tried the more subdued "Pink Mint" and it's essentially a clear gloss. I like that the Magenta Mint variety has a little bit of pink in it, even if it is fairly subtle.

And while you're at it, why not pick up this Eye Shimmer Souffle from Vincent Longo for only $12.00? Even though they only have it in "Gingerei," I'm actually considering buying that shade just because it's perfect for summer. It would probably show up better on people with lighter skin, but personally I love bronzes and golds and this would be great for a simple summer eye.

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