Friday, June 20, 2008

The Wonders of Etsy

To me, Etsy is like an online art fair, full of hidden trinkets at good prices – but much easier to navigate and not subject to weather or time constraints. Though there is nothing like the feeling of wandering slowly around a local art fair in a breezy sundress and sandals, taking the time to admire everyone’s items, Etsy is still a fun place to search for hidden treasures.

I recently bought three pairs of adorable little rose earrings from parkerlewislost, in silver, pink, and red. She has all sorts of other colours, like blue and purple, and offers the earrings in different sizes. Needless to say, I love them dearly. I got the pink and silver ones in the 6 mm size, which is perfect for normal wear. The red ones are in the 10 mm size, and since I wanted the blood red rose earrings to be slightly more statement earrings than the other two (but still very, very wearable), I got a larger size. Here are some pictures, if you all are thinking about buying your own pair - I highly recommend it!

Did I mention that it cost me about $11.75 for the three pairs, with shipping and handling? Now that's recession chic.

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