Monday, June 23, 2008

J. Crew Sale Outfit For Tea

Here's a pretty little blue and yellow outfit inspired by the J. Crew sales...yes, J. Crew sales might seem like full price to some people but their pieces are always high quality and very classic.

If I were meeting up with my grandma for tea or something of that prim and proper nature, I would start off with a nice, pastel-coloured cardigan. Something about a light and lovely cardigan just screams "tea with grandma" to me. Plus, it never hurts to add another cardigan to your collection -- they're simple, chic, and classic and there's always room to have fun with brooches and extra details. This yellow one from the J. Crew sale has a cute but not overpowering bow on the neckline and is $37.50, because of the extra sale discount (EDIT: This is no longer on sale).

I would pair that lovely cardigan with this indigo split-neck dress. Though it looks a little daring, I've seen it in real life and it isn't that low-cut. Then again, it all depends on your body structure. This dress is $59.99, but with the 25% off discount it's $45.00.

And finally, to top it all off...a cute pair of flats. This pair is $37.50, again because of the discount. You could have a lot of fun with the flats to pair with this outfit, but since it is grandma I'd opt for something colour-coordinating.

If you wanted to be a little less matchy-matchy, some fun bangles or cute earrings would definitely work with this outfit. Try not to go for a necklace though, as they can sometimes look strange with split necklines.

And...while we're on the topic of J. Crew sales, words cannot describe how in love I am with this linen double-breasted light grey jacket, on sale for $60.00:

and these unbelievably darling green polka dot flats, also on sale for $60.00.

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