Friday, August 29, 2008

Aviation 101

So at the beginning of the summer, I convinced myself that I was going to buy a pair of aviator sunglasses. I've never really spent money on sunglasses because I don't wear them that much, but I really really want a pair of aviators. However, at the beginning of the summer I was going through my don't-buy-lots-of-small-things-save-up-for-big-things phase, and thus I was convinced I would be able to save up for a $100+ pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators, or even Ray-Bans. It turns out being a teenager without a job doesn't exactly lend itself to investment spending. So now, the philosophy is still saving up for things I really want, but in this case what I really want is a pair of aviators and unfortunately they aren't going to be quite as designer as I had hoped.

I'm trying these pairs on next time I hit up Urban:

Metal Rimmed Aviators, $14.00

70's Aviator, $18.00

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