Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Urban-Loving Lips

To continue the last post about Urban Outfitters and its mystery beauty section (I had no idea!), here are three lip products that caught my eye...each for different reasons.

The first product is this lip marker, by Bella. I love the idea of really natural-looking lip stains, and I think that this would do wonders on those days when my usual lips are looking totally non-pigmented and when I don't have time to do a full face. Plus, they're useful at places like the beach where you really don't want to look like you have too much makeup on. Even though $12.00 is a pretty good price for a lip marker, I probably would leave this beauty wish on the shelf, because sometimes these lip marker-esque products can go horribly awry. I'm fairly sure they won't let me test it out at Urban Outfitters, either.

The second product is this amazing mini lip gloss set by tarte cosmetics. Like I said in my previous post, I love any sort of product that's miniature, because it allows me to indulge my beauty product-loving self without having to feel like I'm wasting too much. Plus, these are perfectly purse-sized! My usual problem with travel-sized items is that they usually come in sets where I only want some of the items but to be honest...I think that I would love every single colour in this set. Some may look a little strange at first glance but I've learned (after a lot of misconceptions) that you should always purchase a louder lip gloss colour than you think you need, because they always sheer out. That could just be because I don't enjoy globbing on my lip gloss. But the red/pink duo seems safe and fun, as does the gold gloss. The coral colour looks a tad orangey, but I imagine it will be something like the High 90s slimshine from MAC, which looked a tad bit scary in the tube but turned out to be a lovely coral colour for lips. The two nude shades look like they would be great for work...the brown colour does look a bit dark, but I'm willing to bet that it's a lot more nude in real life. Did I mention that this entire set is on sale for $20.00? I am so hitting up Urban Outfitters tomorrow to see if they stock it.

And finally, another one of those items where you never really know who came up with the original idea. Everyone loves Crazy Rumors' tea and coffee flavoured balms...especially this company called Tea Time. The set includes lip balms in the following tea flavours: sweet lemon tea, vanilla chai, orange spice tea, peppermint, ginger peach, apple cinnamon and strawberry mint. Sound familiar? I thought so.

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