Monday, August 11, 2008

Sephora Sale Summer Face

Okay, so first let's start off with a little bit of foundation. How's your skin doing these days? Do you need a lot of coverage? Just in some problem areas?

If you're looking for a lot of coverage, try Napoleon Perdis' China Doll Foundation. -$12.50-

If you just want to even out your skintone, you can use Hard Candy's Hint Tint (Love this for summer! Your skin's gotta be in good shape though). -$8.25-

Okay, so now let's target your cheeks. It's summer, so you probably don't want any heavy powders or thick cream blushes. What's that? You're looking for a cream blush, like Benetint or Posietint? Hmm...I suppose I could grab you one of those, but since we're in the sale section why don't you give Hard Candy's Sweet Cheeks a try? They're pretty much the same thing as Benetint or Posietint, and they're a whole lot cheaper. You're probably used to wearing more pinkish-toned blushes, so I'm going to try Honey Bunny, a golden peachy colour that can add a natural-looking glow to anyone's skintone. -$6.75-

Okay, now for the lips. Since I used a peach-toned blush, I'm going to echo the theme in your lips by using Bourjois' Lovely Brille Glossy Lipstick. I would suggest using this as a summertime everyday lip, with or without gloss. The lipstick itself has a little bit of sheen, so if you're in a hurry you can just put on some of this and look instantly more put-together. I know the Coral in Corail des Mers is a little more peachy than you're used to seeing, but I think it'll be a refreshing change from the more blue-based pinks you've been wearing. -$9.80-

For your eyes I'm going to do a light smoky eye, perfect for any occasion. Though the makeup I've put on you so far leaves things open for a bright and bold eye, I'm going to do a simple, matte eye to bring out your natural beauty. For this type of look I'd go for a brown shadow or a grey shadow, like Napoleon Perdis' Colour Disc Eyeshadow in 27 Charcoal or 31 Dark Brown, but I'd avoid outright mixing them both, because it can look a little muddy. I'm just putting a little bit on the outer part of your eyelid, and gently swiping it towards the inner part, to create a kind of gradient effect. -$5.50-

Next is a quick swipe of lip gloss -- I'm using Bourjois' Effet 3D High Shine Lip Gloss. You don't need to glob it on, just a quick dab will do. I would suggest keeping one of these in your purse for quick touch-ups. Plus, the beige shade goes perfectly with the coral lipstick. -$10.85-

Don't forget your sunscreen! Hopefully you're wearing a higher SPF on your face, but this SPF 15 spritzer is great for making sure the rest of you stays UV safe. You can also get the bronzed version, which comes with a little bit of golden-bronze shimmer...but I'll be honest, the shimmer's sort of on the tacky side, especially for daytime. Don't tell anyone I said that though! -$8.00-

For a final touch, you can use LAVANILA's Pure Vanilla scent. I'm sure you've heard about it you already know that it's a really nice, lovely vanilla that isn't overly cloying. But now it comes in a neat little rollerball which is perfect for putting in your purse. It's not on sale, but the perfume itself is over $50.00 so I'd say this rollerball is a pretty good deal in itself. -$18.00-

Hope you love your look!

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