Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Crunch Time!

I just wanted to show off some ridiculous beauty bargains from The "big" brands they carry are Stila, Too Faced, and DuWop, but most of the deals I found were from Stila...which definitely is not a bad thing at all!

First is DuWop's Gloss and Highlighter. I've never tried this product, and I had no idea DuWop carried such a thing, but I'm actually really interested to give it a test run. I know a lot of DuWop products (i.e. Venom) haven't had the best of praises, but this one might not be so bad, especially since it's only $8.00. I think this would be a great product to tote around, making it really easy to replenish a light glow on your cheeks or lips.

Next, we have a handy little mascara + eyeliner combo from Stila. There isn't anything particularly magical about this item, but it's perfect for carrying around in your purse. I'm surprised more companies aren't carrying products like this, because they would be great for touch-ups throughout the day. Stila's mascara/liner isn't completely and totally amazing, but it's pretty good as far as those two items go. It's also only $7.50, so I would definitely give this product a try.

Though beautycrunch may not have a huge selection of lip glazes, they do carry a lovely peachy nude shade, Lemongrass. It's less sparkly than other lip glazes, and while it doesn't impart a whole lot of colour it can be nice for topping nude lipsticks, or for wearing with a more bold eye. I personally own and love this colour, and wish I had waited until now to buy it, because it costs only $7.60.

Another lip product from Stila is their lipstick...again, nothing particularly phenomenal about their lipstick but one colour they carry that's actually quite wonderful to have is Salome, a blue-based red. I love red lipstick on certain occasions, but I never wear it that often. It's hard, because I don't want to spend a lot of money (since I hardly wear it), but I don't want to spend very little money because then the red lipstick look always turns out terribly. For those of you with the same dilemma I would pick up this Stila lipstick, as it is a high quality lippie reduced to only $6.00.

These eyeshadow compacts may look a little Benefit-like, with the thin packaging and pretty decor, but they're much cheaper. What I love about these two compacts, Blanc and Noir (in order), is that every colour in the palette is wearable. They're also perfect for sticking in your purse because they have three universally wearable shades and one all-purpose blush that complements those shades. Plus, they're only $12.00.

Finally, as some of you know I'm a total sucker for cream blush. I'm not sure why, but something attracts me to the idea that you can just brush on a light, natural-looking creamy flush. Maybe it's because I don't always wear foundation all over my face, so if I put a powder blush on it doesn't always stick that well. Even if it did, I always feel more secure about a cream blush's staying power. I loved Stila's Rouge Pots when I first tried them, but didn't really take the plunge because the container is very small and the price was very large. Though the container may still be small, the price has been reduced to $7.00, which is amazing for a long-wearing cream blush. I would give "Sweet Pea" a try, because it definitely fits the small pot. You only have to pick up a tiny bit in order to give your cheeks a natural-looking flush, so this small pot will last quite a while.

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