Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two Ends of the Spectrum

So these two ideas (in one post) are totally unrelated, but I didn't feel like each item merited its own post, so here you go!

First, with all the buzz about the Teen Choice Awards, I've always wondered about the style of really young girls. Now I know we're not supposed to be encouraging people of a young age to get too involved in Hollywood, but with people like Dakota Fanning taking over many young roles, it's time to look at her fashion statements too. I always feel bad when people critique Dakota's fashion. First of all she's probably using a stylist, and second of all it's pretty hard to make style statements when you're that young. So Dakota, if you're's a dress idea for you:

Fendi Tulle Tunic Dress, $865

It's covered up enough to be appropriate for your age, and yet it still has little details that make it stand out.

This dress was from Net-A-Porter, so we're going to whiz through the fashion price spectrum and head over to Twelve by Twelve, where I spotted the short-sleeved sweater of my dreams. It's got enough character that it's not just a typical sweater, it's in a neutral colour, it has belt details (which I have been all over lately),'s $29.00! In Chicago this huge new Forever 21 opened on the Magnificent Mile (I'm not sure whether Forever 21 should really be on the Magnificent Mile, but I will admit I've been to the store -- I usually remedy my worries by only shopping the Twelve by Twelve section), and they stock Twelve by Twelve pieces, so I'm definitely going to give it a try there. My only worry is that it's too sheer, but I suppose I could always wear a black slip underneath.

Unfortunately, this piece of clothing isn't quite as Dakota Fanning-friendly.

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