Thursday, August 21, 2008

Runway Rants: Marc by Marc Jacobs

This collection had pretty slim pickings, if not for the fact that a large part of the collection was geared towards men. I did have a few favourites, though. Coincidentally, my top two picks were black...I say coincidentally because my wardrobe happens to be mainly black as well.

Ms. Posh Spice was affiliated with the Marc Jacobs brand for a little while, and something makes me think that her influence must have come into play here, if just subconsciously. Though Victoria Beckham has been looking a tad bit more relaxed lately, I think this dress would still be completely up her alley, complete with huge sunglasses.

This is pure Jacobs genius...Blair Waldorf runway, done right. The mixture of textures is perfect, as are the black lace-up boots that add just the right edge.

Also, is this the new trend in high-waisted skirt-like items? The sweater knit would contrast well with a flimsy tank, though I don't think I see myself wearing anything like it.

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