Sunday, August 10, 2008

What the FCUK?

I have always loved French Connection's classy yet original pieces...but never really their prices. Though there are usually some unique pieces to be found, I've never really grown attached to anything that would make me want to shell out the usual extravagant amounts of dough that is required.

One thing that I've always noticed about French Connection is that they often feature pieces that resemble those from Marchesa. I've always admired Marchesa garments (from a distance, of course), and love that French Connection is able to bring the same concept to those who can't quite afford Marchesa without outright stealing their designs. This dress, for example, is very reminiscent of the lace-based work that Marchesa puts into their ethereal designs.

A piece that caught my eye while I was browsing the sale section was this green slouchy coat with a bow trim. I don't really own much in the way of in-between outerwear, and I usually end up throwing on some trench-like thing, or maybe a tweed blazer. Something about this coat made me take a second glance at it, even though it looks completely dowdy from the picture.

But, if you take a look at the same coat at ASOS, they've shown you what it looks like with more light on it -- and I'm totally sold! The green is really beautiful, and would set anyone apart from the neutral-coloured trench and mac-wearing crowd. You can actually view a person wearing this down a catwalk here, which just makes the coat look even more splendid. I really want to take the plunge but I've been trying oh so hard to cut back on my fashion spending...maybe I could claim it's an investment piece? I'd imagine a coat like this could definitely last me more than a few years.

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