Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Victoria's (Beauty) Secret

One of the more surprising places that I pick up beauty products from is Victoria's Secret. Though it may be known for its daring undergarments (though I'm not gonna lie, their bras are pretty innovative), I've found that Victoria's Secret's beauty offerings can be pretty delightful. Unfortunately, even though their clearance section boasts a lot of great clothing deals (check it out now if you haven't!), the beauty selections are pretty limited. So, surprisingly, I'm going to fish out my bargain buys not from the clearance section but from the -gasp- full price section.

First is a pick that I've already tried myself. It's from the Very Sexy makeup collection, which sounds sort of gimmicky and low-quality (and some of its products are). But this one is definitely worth the $12. It's essentially a felt-tip pen, except boasting eyeliner instead of typical ink. I used it a lot when I started out lining my eyes every day, and it made subtle daily eyes so much easier. The pointy tip makes it really easy to line very close to your waterline, giving a more natural look that just pumps up your lashes rather than adding a harsh line. If you're doing a smoky look, I would probably just use this as a base liner and then add a typical pencil liner so you can smoke it out; personally, I'm not a big fan of smoky eyes with a big harsh line.

Aren't these little flower-trimmed perfume vials adorable? They're only $10 each, and I completely want all of them! I think they'd be great to carry around in your purse, and if they're too long I would totally love to have the little flower sticking out. A word of warning -- definitely sniff before you buy with these. Makeup Alley reviews can be trusted for many things, but it's my firm belief that perfume is completely personal, and these Victoria's Secret scents can often be too girly and sweet for many people.

These little tubes of lip balm also fall into the "cute" category...I realize that $7 might be a bit much to pay for lip balm...but at least they're tinted. I think everything about them is adorable, from the PINK logo on the side to the heart stamped in the middle of the lip balm stick. I usually tote one of mine around and though it may not work miracles, it works no less wonderfully than any other lip balm, and imparts a hint of colour that's good for perking up your lips. Plus, I feel so much more stylish whipping this out to moisturize my lips than a tub o' Carmex.

Next up is a lip stain from the Very Sexy makeup line. It comes in a lot of lovely nude colours, and a really interesting plum colour. Now, I know that we're all supposed to be experimental with our makeup but really, I tend to stick to very natural-looking makeup. That's why I love the different nude shades this comes in, ranging from coral to blue-toned pink to brown. This lip stain is in a pen format, which allows you to use it as a lip liner, but personally I love using lip stains during the summer because it's way more natural looking and you don't have to worry about reapplying it all the time. Plus, in the summer my makeup is a lot more natural anyway. The lip liner is cheap enough for you to try out the different shades, since it's only $12.

Though I've heard some mixed reviews about the Patricia Wexler line of cosmetics, I'm really interested to try her Instant Airbrush Line Smoothing Super Concealer. I'm not really taken with the name of great proclamation, but I do like the brush structure of the concealer. I hope there are other places that carry this product, though, because I'm worried about the limited amount of shades that Victoria's Secret carries. But $19.50 is definitely not bad for a concealer, and I can't imagine it would be much worse than the drugstore concealers that I use currently.

Finally, I just wanted to end the beauty bonanza with a fun gloss. They're 5 for $20, and they come in all sorts of different colours. I love deals like this, because they allow you to experiment with different colours you wouldn't ordinarily try out, like a really bright fuschia or a glittery, shimmery pink gloss. It was actually a deal like this that turned me on to gold glosses...I always thought they would be tacky-looking on me until I tried out a gold gloss on a whim in one of these deals. So don't be afraid to splash out on something you wouldn't ordinarily buy.

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