Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scales or Snakeskin?

This has got to be the most killer pair of teenybopper discount shoes I have ever seen:

I saw these and I was kind of like those cartoons where someone's jaw drops all the way to the floor. Seriously? $24.99 for these beauties? It's so hard for me to grasp that these are from GoJane, a retailer along the lines of Wet Seal and Forever 21 that usually cranks out tight jersey pieces that redefine the word "sheer." Granted, I would probably have to see these in person...but really, they look absolutely gorgeous.

The site claims that they're "snakeskin" print, but doesn't this seem more like a fish scale print to you? The first thing I thought of when I saw these shoes was that unbelievable fish scale dress worn by Marion Cotillard to the Oscars:

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