Saturday, August 9, 2008

Urban Topper

If you haven't already, I would definitely suggest checking out the sales at Urban Outfitters...seriously, I'm having such a hard time choosing between all the gorgeous picks! I already pointed out a pretty basic black dress (note: wear a slip underneath it please! It's totally sheer...I had no idea...), but here are some lovely tops brought to you by the Urban sale:

Silence and Noise One Shoulder Ruffle Top, $24.99

Though this top may seem tacky to some with its one-shoulder styling and ruffle trim, this isn't a bad way to step into the boho-chic look rocked by fashion stars like Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie. It's nice for staying cool in the summer, and the cinched-in waistline defines your waist no matter whether you're pairing this top with sandals and shorts, skinnies and stilettos, or a high-waist skirt and some killer gladiator heels.

Lux Cumulus Cami, $29.99

Words cannot describe how in love with this cami I am. I saw it first when it wasn't on sale, and gazed longingly at this promo picture. It's just so light and airy and pretty and girly and...perfect. Alas, when I looked at the shots of this top in other colours I realized just how sheer and impractical it is. It's way to sheer to wear alone (at least for me, unless I did a strapless bra), and it wouldn't have the same gorgeous effect layered over another tank. But maybe you all feel differently?

Hawks by Geren Ford Silk Slip Top, $29.99

I was so excited when Geren Ford started selling his separate, less high-end line at Urban Outfitters. I always would stare wistfully at the full-price pieces, until I realized that this little gem was tucked away in the sale section. I mean, call me crazy but why is this piece on sale while some other, not nearly as sell-able pieces, are sitting there with ridiculously huge price tags attached to them? Granted, this is a pretty simple top, but it echoes a lot of the neckline trends in Geren Ford's main line. It's also sleek, sexy, and well-priced. Never mind the slightly difficult bra situation.

Kimchi and Blue Lace Inset Tank, $19.99

This tank completely stole my attention when I first saw it. Subtle neutral colour palette...elaborate embroidering by the neckline...looks like it costs much more than $19.99...what could go wrong? This top looks gorgeous from the front, but this was too good to be true. Literally.

Is it just me, or is the lace back extremely tacky? I love the front, and I have long hair so the back would be obscured maybe I'll take the plunge and buy it? I'm still debating. But really, Kimchi, couldn't you have just gone with a simple black jersey back? The lace takes it from hipster Urban to teenybopper JCPenney. And that's definitely a step down.

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