Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Crew, Part 1

J. Crew has just posted a couple of advertising shots for their fall collection and they look amazing! I'm a fan of things that are buttoned-up and on the straight-laced side, but still have a touch of girlie. One of the items in their upcoming repertoire that caught my eye was this chiffon rosette belt. But it's $38.00, yikes!

You're probably wondering what I'm so hyped up about, because the belt doesn't look too interesting in the picture above. It looked a tiny bit DIY to me, but it had a bit of charm. Then I looked at the promotional pictures and how it's styled.

Chic, yet girly, but still put together? Count me in! That all-yellow look is so amazing (in pictures...I'd swap out the yellow trousers for dark skinnies in real life)...sigh. In the back of my head there's a little voice telling me that every item in this shoot is probably way more expensive than I can fathom, but still...the styling is absolutely genius. I would style it with these two dresses, swapping out their matchy belts for this girlie one.

By the way, speaking of amazing styling, how cute is this ensemble? I never thought yellow shorts could look so crisp and put-together.

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