Sunday, July 19, 2009

City Footsteps

I'm trying to think about practical college shoes to buy, and I'm thinking of investing in a nice, comfy pair of everyday shoes, like ballet flats or moccasins. I usually opt for ballet flats, but I'm thinking of getting a really nice pair that's totally comfortable and doesn't have a hint of future blister causings anywhere. I don't own a pair of moccasins currently, but at Nordstorm Rack I tried on this incredible soft, pliable pair with a squishy inside that seemed like it would make any walk to class bearable.

I've been thinking of getting a pair of little leather booties to wear during colder times, when it's not summer but not winter, because sneakers aren't really my thing. I'd go for leather rather than suede just in case I do encounter snow, where suede would be rendered white and crusty in a mere couple of days. Here are three little leather picks from Urban, each $29.99

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