Thursday, July 9, 2009

Forever 18

So I've done a really great job of waning myself off of Forever 21, but when sales like this pass by I usually can't resist.

I purchased three sweaters in total, each of which was $5.99. Crazy, right? I mean, they're not the most long-lasting sweaters in the world but I like them a lot.

This first one is a pretty, beaded sweater which I'd envision myself wearing to meet some friends for a lunch or with a dress to a nice dinner. But because I enjoy dressing up unnecessarily, I might just wear it on a day-to-day basis with some khaki shorts.

This next one is a pretty slouchy sweater, but I've been looking for a preppy sweater like this, with a decal on the chest, for quite sometime. It's a medium and definitely far too big for me, but I pinned the top and am planning to add an extra button so the top doesn't droop down so far that you can see what I'm wearing under it. I like the idea of wearing this with shorts as well, or just throwing it on over whatever during college to look more put-together than if I had a sweatshirt.

This last one has a colour scheme which pretty much fits who I am. At first I thought it would be way too long, but after I put it on I realized I could wear it as kind of a sweater-dress...I know it may seem kind of short in the picture but in person it's pretty wearable. I would probably have to wear some sort of short black slip under it but I think it'd be nice for summer evenings.

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