Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pearls and Swine

This is just a quick outfit post -- I went to a friend's birthday dinner a few days ago and was puzzled as to what to wear. The dinner was at California Pizza Kitchen, which is totally not a fancy-pants restaurant, but since it was a birthday dinner I figured I'd dress up a little bit. I ended up wearing my comfy grey T-shirt, a black pleated jersey skirt from Old Navy (I know you totally cannot see the pleats in this picture), black flats from Old Navy (they were in remedial healthcare after a long and rainy night when I took this picture), and a pearl necklace from my mom.

I ended up removing the necklace though, part way through, because I didn't totally feel like it went with what I was wearing. Plus, it was way fancy-looking. I totally wish I had invested in one of those really trendy bib necklaces...but sadly, now that I'm thinking about getting one, I probably won't have much of an occasion to wear it to. Sigh.

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