Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lover of LeSportsac

I just wanted to share two large parts of my life from LeSportsac...I used to be obsessed with that brand and stalk it every week to see what new prints were up. Alas, I have sunken even further into my cave of plain neutrals and subtle prints and thus tend to ogle leather shoulder bags rather than printed totes.

Even then, these two things are going to be in my possession for a loong time. First off is a more reliable item -- a laptop case for my extraordinarily miniature Sony VAIO. I could have been logical and put a ruler next to it, but instead I put it next to a MAC lipstick so you can see the measurement.

Next is something that may seem ridiculous for a soon-to-be college freshman, but I love it. Yep, it's a lunchbox. Actually, lunch satchel, if you want to be precise. When I heard that Fifi Lapin was about to do/be featured in a print from LeSportsac, I almost died of excitement. I love Fifi Lapin. All of the other bags seemed a bit large and obnoxious, and I figured a lunch bag would be environmentally friendly anyway (no more paper bags or old shopping bags), so I plan to use it in college, despite the number of friends I may lose when they find out I carry a pink lunch sack.

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