Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fly Like An Eagle

So American Eagle used to be one of my absolute favourite stores when I was younger, and after discovering and its amazing selection of coupons I loved it even more due to the incredible discounts one could receive. Now it's sort of lost its appeal, as the simple pieces to me are generally not worth the price; I'd rather head over to H&M to grab some pretty basics and spice them up with thrifting finds or the occasional more expensive piece from, say, a sale at Nordstrom.

They're having a pretty good clearance sale, and you can get free shipping if you buy three or more items, so if I were to hypothetically make my first purcahse at American Eagle in a year or so, I'd stick these three items in my hypothetical cart:

1. AE Braided Halter

You can't really see the braid in this picture, but this is just a basic, pretty tank with a braided strap. I'm a sucker for cute little details and I love the braided and ruched parts of this top. And plus, it's only $10.

2. aerie sun rays boyfriend boxer

In the winter I have a couple of cozy flannel PJs that I wear but in summer I usually just revert to some old adidas running shorts from my track and field days...I should probably invest in cute PJs before college because now people will actually be witnessing me walking around in them. These, for only $6.95, should do the trick just fine.

3. AE Braided Flip Flop

So my pair of camel buckle gladiators (if one can even call them gladiators) came today, and I'll post about them later, but I kind of also want to get a slightly less nice pair of flip-flops, preferably with a pretty detail like these braided ones, to wear to the beach or walking around in areas that I'd prefer my gladiators not witness. At $19.95, they're a tad pricey, but maybe if I wait around long enough they'll go down in price a bit.

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