Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Papel de Orejas

When I was little, I went through this major origami phase right around the same time I went through a large crafty earring phase. To combine my phases, I made these little dangly earrings with origami cranes on them. Of course, it looked rather ridiculous on my sixth grade self, but I've recently been warming up to the idea of more delicate fabrics as earrings. It seems like a natural idea, as I've always adored floral earrings made of delicate, paper-like metal.

At first, I thought that a more durable delicate material, like chiffon fabric, would make for better earrings.

But honestly, these paper rose earrings are so gorgeous. Leave it to Forever 21 to foray into paper accessories. They're totally impractical, but...I kind of love them.

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