Saturday, July 25, 2009


I sincerely hope that other people were able to experience the true joy and happiness that was Urban Outfitters' "Sale's on Sale" event. Essentially, everything on sale was...another 50% off. Amazing, right? Things tended to run on the expensive side, like $29.99 or so, but I was able to snag two great items for $20 each...which were $10 each with the discount.

The first item is a really pretty black tank top with a leather rose trim (well, probably fake leather). I didn't take a picture of it on me, because it's ridiculously low-cut and I'm planning to shorten the straps enough that I don't need another tank underneath it. The best thing about this tank is the trim; the stiff fabric ensures that it won't droop after the first laundry run.

The next item is this great pleated dress in a basic shade of blue. It's a bit on the big side for me, but I still really like it. When worn by itself, it looks a little cocoon-like, and I would probably only wear it like this if I was trying to evoke a more laid-back, boho/indie style.

If I wanted to look a little more crisp (or...a little less poufy), I'd wear it with a belt. I couldn't find my usual thick black belt, so I opted for a satin ribbon. It gives basically the same effect...which I love! It really enhances the pleating. This dress was so worth $10.

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