Sunday, July 19, 2009

See That Chloe

Like I mentioned before, I've been focusing my purchases on things that I'll be using a lot. One of the things that I really loved was my Kate Spade pencil case...unfortunately that was lost to the city of Chicago. I used it as kind of an "essentials" case, carrying a few pens, a pencil, an eraser, and depending on whether I was out or at school, some small makeup items or a calculator. I found myself using it a fair amount of times, and often it would basically replace my wallet.

Well, I've got a new replacement for my Kate Spade pencil case...and it comes all the way from See by Chloe. I purchased it with a friend at CUSP (she got a matching one), a wondrous store housed at Water Tower Place that carries an abundance of drool-worthy designer labels. The case was $27, which I find relatively reasonable for a piece of See by Chloe.

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