Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I recently received an Urban Decay Pleather Lip Pencil in "O," which is this crazy fuschia-purple metallic shade that makes me think of a futuristic goth girl. Naturally, I had to try it on.

...yeah, I'm definitely more of a neutral shades girl. I'm not totally sure what to do with this, and it was so sweet of the swapper to give it to me, but I just could never see myself wearing it. I even blotted to see if it would leave a more subtle colour...

...but even after that it still looked exactly the same. Sigh. I think it's the metallic quality...there's something about excessive glitter or sheen on someone's lips that I think is so odd. I really only wear moisturizing, sheer lipsticks in nude or natural-pink colours.

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