Friday, July 3, 2009

Here We Go A-Thrifting

So I went thrifting today with my darling mother and had a brief scare when I put down my purse to fit a skirt (over my outfit, don't worry...) but the trip was most definitely worth it because I got two lovely things.

This first dress looked a little dubious on the hanger. It looked a little on the tight side, and my mom commented that it reminded her of a prison outfit. But, it was from H&M, looked relatively new, and something about it kind of said "Buy me!" Perhaps it was the $4 price tag. Anyway, it turned out to be quite chic -- the stripes on the sleeves helped to neutralize the whole thing.

This next skirt was a major source of debate for me because I knew that it was more of an evening thing that I wouldn't wear as much and that the bubble shape was going out of fashion, but after finding out that the original $3 price tag was brought down to $1.50 I grabbed it. And I am so glad that I did. The olive green silk is so luxe and pretty!

I'm unfortunately quite awful at making decisions, and here's another one; the skirt comes with this tulle lining that poufs it up quite a bit. When I bought it, I told myself "don't worry, you can always cut off the lining to reduce the pouf." So here it is with the tulle:

...and here it is without. Pardon the picture, I'm holding the tulle lining up to my stomach so it looks a tad odd.

Now I'm conflicted, but I think I'm keeping the tulle for now. I don't have an occasion to wear it to coming up quite yet, and if I did, I might just keep it because it makes the skirt a little bit more...fabulous. As cliche as that sounds.

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