Friday, July 3, 2009

Top of the Shops

While in New York a little while back, I passed by Topshop. Technically, I was on a college visit, I scrambled around town to find my way to SoHo...because honestly, who can go to New York without passing by SoHo?

Of course, Topshop was a must...and I have to say, I was quite impressed. Because of my trip's primary purpose as a college visit, I didn't bring much money with me and didn't put much on my debit card, so I couldn't go shop-happy, but I found myself spending all of my free time meandering around SoHo and walking up and down 5th Ave.

I purchased a droopy jersey tank dress in a gorgeous purple. In the later pictures, it'll appear more cobalt blue, but in real life it's a royal purple. I thought the drapey nature was really unique and though I brought a fair amount of pieces into the dressing room, this one had the most originality for its price (which I don't remember now, but I think was around $22).

Unfortunately, I couldn't find an original picture but here's a picture of the dress in grey.

Tales of Dress Explorations

When I first put it on, the top part drooped a little far down for my liking, but it still was a great shape.

Then, I experimented with rolling up the sleeves and tying them or tucking them in, which I really liked the look of.

While looking in the mirror, I happened to put my hands on my hips, like so:

...which made me realize that giving my waist some definition might make for a good look as well.

The End

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