Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I wanted to wait until those who really knew Michael Jackson or were really, truly passionate about him made all their tributes and said all their parting words, because I feel a little bad talking about him in this way knowing that there are so many other people that are so much more attached to his music, style, and general personality.

source: uncle sam's army navy outfitters

source: the urban gentleman

It's crazy to think of how much he started...since this is a fashion blog I figured I should stick to my guns and mention the entire "band jacket" trend. Countless celebrities (Rihanna and Kanye West come to mind) have worn this sort of military-meets-drumline look, and it's definitely dribbled down to the general public, who adopt this style plenty of times.

source: persephonevintage at etsy

source: long is the day

It's even reflected in an entire line...that, of course, being Balmain. Seeing the whole cycle come full circle in this picture just puts a smile on my face.

Michael Jackson in Balmain

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