Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pump It Up

As a person of a stature of 5'2", I take any and all opportunities to increase my height. For prom, I knew that I wanted to wear superbly high heels for the purpose of not being dwarfed by my date (who stands at about 5'10") but that I did not want to be at risk of breaking my ankle. While shopping vigorously every day after my internship ended downtown, I came upon these slick black pumps from Charlotte Russe. The heel is a staggering 4 3/4", but with its 1" platform the heels honestly didn't feel much different than my 3 1/2" black patent pumps, which are enough to give me height but also low enough to be dance-worthy.

I wore them to prom and haven't worn them since, but I recently discovered them when trying on clothes with my thrifted bubble skirt I posted about before. It was then that I realized that...that is truly a fabulous pair of shoes. They're $24.99 from Charlotte Russe, and I'd suggest you pick up a pair pronto here.

Next on my unnecessary yet beautiful formal shoe quest? A pair of nude patent pumps I saw while passing by the window of Akira. And they're only $35!

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