Sunday, July 12, 2009

Watching Watson

I generally just love and admire Emma Watson, and have ever since I saw the first Harry Potter movie. I think she's elegant and mature, and anyone who plays Hermione Granger deserves respect in my book.

I have been incredibly excited to witness her outfits for the media rounds for the latest Harry Potter movie (which I already have tickets for...obviously the midnight showing) and I definitely have not been disappointed. I think I'm going to rank the looks that she's appeared in so far, starting with my least favourite going to my favourite.

So this one's probably my least favourite, but I'm technically being unfair because I believe this was a travelling outfit for her (from the London premiere to New York). That being said, for a travelling outfit it's very chic and I am in love with her shoes. I really want a pair for college but I always find myself getting ballet flats. The chain purse also is a great addition to the outfit.

This Proenza Schouler outfit just shows how good Emma's sartorial taste is, that it's my second least favourite outfit and it's this good. I love the shoes and I think the dress is cute, it's just that it looks sort of...heavy? I don't know if that's how I should describe it, but it seems like her makeup is really heavy, that the dress is kind of heavy, and that the shoes are very heavy. But I still like the look overall, just not as much as the other ones she's worn.

Sigh, this is so hard to do...I suppose I'll have to put this Proenza Schouler look next, even though I think it is totally chic. I love the contrast between the leather top and the more simple bottoms. The only reason I'd put this here is because the shoes are kind of blah and because it's not the most groundbreaking dress, but besides that I really love this look.

I know it would seem like I should put this Jason Wu outfit before the previous Proenza Schouler look, but I actually really like this a lot. The shot isn't as formally taken, so it doesn't show the outfit in its fullest potential I'm sure, but even then it's still lovely. I think that the relaxed top is trendy but basic and the heels add a little something to the outfit. And the skirt. The skirt. The delicate pleating but structured shape just call to me somehow.

This vintage Ossie Clark dress is a great take on what could potentially have turned into a very grandma-esque look. I think she looks so mature and elegant here, and that the dress itself is beautiful. I think the neckline makes it look a bit more youthful, but the dress is kind of a statement in itself without being too crazy. This strikes me as something Whitney Port would really like.

Sigh. The Christopher Kane dress. This instills even more happy emotions in me than the Jason Wu skirt, and that's saying something. This dress is just so...perfect. Trendy but not too trendy, modest but not too modest, stylish but not overly styled, simple but not boring...and all in such lovely neutral shades. I think if I were a dress, that I would be this dress. Which may not say a lot about who I am and what fashion sense I have but this is just phenomenal in my eyes.

PS...the shoes are killer.

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