Saturday, July 18, 2009

Say Yes To A Quiet Night In

Yesterday I had a particularly bleak Friday night in and spent it with my dear self sipping chai tea, eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream (so delicious), and watching What Not To Wear and Say Yes To The Dress. What Not To Wear is quite a well-known show, featuring Stacy and Clinton who, while their advice may sometimes seem a bit dubious, are always fun to watch and usually produce great-looking people. Say Yes To The Dress is a bit more new, but as one can imagine from the title it's a show about brides looking for their perfect wedding dress in New York's Kleinfeld boutique. It's actually quite entertaining, both for the trainwrecks and for the complete gorgeousness displayed on the show.

Of course, because I am a romantic young adult and had some free time, I was inspired to look at wedding items online. Call me an adolescent dreamer, but I actually had a lot of fun perusing through pictures of beautiful venues, lush flowers, and of course, beautiful dresses. So naturally, I figured I'd share some of the ones that caught my eye.

As has probably been made obvious from my blog, I am absolutely a neutral-coloured girl. When I think of weddings, there may be a couple of accent colours but I just really love pretty and white things. Naturally, this simple yet gorgeous bouquet totally caught my eye. "My flowers reflected the imperfection and airiness that we tried to achieve" is a quote from the bride, which I think is wonderful...I really don't think weddings should be down-to-the-wire precise.

My style in dress is definitely not the typical poufy wedding fact, I really dislike loads of tulle and I'm not really into stiff fabrics either. This could change come my actual wedding, but as of now I'd see myself in a beautiful, simple, flowing gown with a small detail like this Nicole Miller dress' notch neckline (sans necklace).

The one thing I truly fell in love with was this venue. In Chicago, the "Ivy Room at Tree Studios" is a little ivy courtyard just off of Michigan Ave. that provides a nice little recluse place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I adore the concept, as I can amuse myself just trying to find little corners and hidden treasures in the city. Not to mention, the place itself is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, the rental amounts are quite steep (yes, of course I had to glance at the price), but still...a girl can dream, right?

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