Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

I walked into The Body Shop during one of my lunch breaks while working downtown a little while ago and noticed that they were having some pretty spectacular sales, so I nabbed two perfume oils and a body spray...for $8! The perfume oils were $3 each, and the body spray was $2. I also discovered a lovely, summery scent called Cassis Rose.

If I were a high-end perfume, I think I would be Stella McCartney...the scent is just pure roses. This is kind of a more youthful twist on that; it's roses mixed with a more typical fruity scent. Obviously, since it's from The Body Shop, I'm not going to go into undertones or anything, but I will note that this stuff does not have great lasting power at all, even the perfume oils. I'm thinking of getting a little atomizer and bringing the perfume oils with me so I can re-spritz during the day...partly because I want to smell nice and partly because I just generally love the scent.

I'd highly suggest you stop by a Bath and Body Works ASAP...though I think the sales are over, sadly.

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